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BHAA Kennywood Day
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BHAA Night at the Races
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Nate Tunstall stares down buddy Adrian Hightower, as they face off on the field - Senior Pirates vs. A's Scrimmage 4/18 - photo courtesy of Nicole Knupsky
Welcome to the web home of Brighton Heights Athletic Association. Please bookmark this site as your resource for baseball, softball, and teeball for the families of Pittsburgh's Brighton Heights neighborhood and surrounding communities. Our "house" is the John Merry field complex, located adjacent to Jack Stack Pool.

Monday, 4/21:
- Farm Pirates Practice - 6:00pm - Field 1
- Colt Practice - 6:00pm - Field 3
- Jr. A's Practice - 6:00pm - Field 4
- Cardinals Practice - 6:00pm - Field 5
- Mets Practice - 6:00pm - Field 6
- Sr. A's Practice - 6:00pm - Top Cages
- Blue Lightning Practice - 6:00pm - Garvin
Tuesday, 4/22:
- Cardinals Practice - 6:00pm - Field 1
- Crush Practice - 6:00pm - Field 2
- Divas Practice - 6:00pm - Field 5
- Jr. Pirates Practice - 6:00pm - Field 6
- Red Sox Practice - 6:00pm - Garvin
- TEEBALL NIGHT @ McDonald's!!
Wednesday, 4/23:
- Venom Practice - 6:00pm - Field 1
- Pony A Practice - 6:00pm - Field 3
- Crush vs Hampton 1 - 6pm - Field 4 (HOME)
- Cubs Practice - 6:00pm - Field 5
- Senior A's Practice - 6:00pm - Field 6
Thursday, 4/24:
- Blue Lightning @ Morningside2 - 6pm (AWAY)
- Monsters Practice - 6:00pm - Field 1
- SuperColt Practice - 6:00pm - Field 3
- Orioles Practice - 6:00pm - Field 4
- Cubs Practice - 6:00pm - Field 5
- Yankees Practice - 6:00pm - Field 6
Friday, 4/25:
- Shamrocks Practice - 6:00pm - Field 1
- Pony AA Practice - 6:00pm - Field 3
- Red Sox Practice - 6:00pm - Field 4
- Divas Practice - 6:00pm -Field 5
- Sr. Pirates Practice - 6:00pm - Field 6
- Sr. A's Practice - 6:00pm - Rooney
Saturday, 4/26:

Opening Day - Concessions Workers Needed!!- Missy Tunstall, Concessions Director, is looking for a small army of enthusiastic and energetic folks to work concessions in shifts on Opening Day - Saturday, April 26. Two-hour shifts are available and we need all the help we can get to make Opening Day a success!!  If you can help, please contact Missy immediately at linemenswife@gmail.com .  She will work with you to schedule you around your child's procession if possible.
Missy is also looking for donations of food for opening day - haluski, meatballs, hot sausage, etc. - contact Missy if you'd like to donate.

4th Annual BHAA Night at the Races
- Friday, May 2 St. Cyril's - Axmacher Hall - Tickets $15 advance | $20 at the door - Get tickets from your team mom or contact fundraising@bhaabaseball.org - Click here for all of the details!!
Horses are also available for purchase for $5 each. If your horse wins in a race, you win $25. You do not need to be present at the Night at the Races to win.
Click here for horse order form. ***
TICKETS and HORSES may now be purchased online in our store - Click here.***

Teeball Night at McDonald's - Tuesday, April 22 - BHAA's 2014 class of rookies will gather to get their uniforms and meet their coaches, all while BHAA earns a portion of proceeds for food sold during the event. All BHAA teeballers are encouraged to attend, and BHAA families of all ages are invited to buy dinner at McDonald's that night to help out the cause. Teeball Players - For schedule of your team's timeslot on McDonald's night go to the TeeBall Main page here.


MLB Pitch, Hit & Run

On May 3rd, BHAA will host the MLB Pitch, Hit, and Run event at 12:00 on the lower fields. It is a chance for all boys and girls who are 14 and under as of July 17, 2014 to showcase their talents in pitching, hitting and base running. Winners of this local competition get invited to a Sectional competition with a chance to advance to PNC Park and possibly to the MLB All Star game for the National Competition. This event is not limited to BHAA families, so invite your schoolmates, neighborhood friends, and family members. Registration will be completed at the event. Volunteers are definitely needed. Please contact Brian Daeschner at briandaeschner@msn.com to volunteer. You can click here for more information:

04/19 - Blue Lightning 16 | BradMarPine 2:
Blue Lightning started its season swinging the bats fast and often, scoring 5 runs in the first and third inning and 3 runs in the second and fifth inning. The girls brought the same intensity to the field starting the game with a nice out from Gia Minton to Chanyee White. Blue Lightning players also had heads up plays at home and third to end innings. It was a great start to the season.

04/26/14 - Opening Day/Picture Day
05/02/14 - BHAA Night at the Races
05/03/14 - MLB Pitch, Hit & Run

Click here for complete 2013-2014 League Calendar (Tentative - Dates Subject to Change)

Fundraising Director Position Available - Contact Franklin Rouse ASAP at franklinrouse@bhaabaseball.org if interested

Remember to visit this website throughout the season and all year long for important updates. Also, Post your feedback and photos when you visit and like BHAA's Facebook Page. Simply click the logo above.
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